Plato first said that necessity is the mother of invention, and he wasn't wrong. As we enter into our fourth week of working from home, the Because team have been discussing the things that keep us sane and optimistic in these uncertain days. As a platform for sharing the things you should care about, we've wondered how we do that in a light-hearted way.

We all agree that what keeps us happy, makes us cheerful and fosters our dreams is in fact the act of celebrating desirable things made by creative people – objects we could happily treasure – and sharing the manifestations of ideas that become reality.

So as we are taking care in our homes, we bring you our newest feature, Fantasy Wardrobes, shot at home and, with a little digital magic, layered with some of our favourite pieces we've found online. So with a bit of invention and a lot of necessity, we hope to show that the online world is our oyster and do Plato proud.

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief
I'll admit to mostly living in socks these days - despite the warm, summer feels, my feet are the last things to heat up. And while I haven't (still) gotten on board the sneaker train, comfort is paramount right now. So these beautiful, nude vivas are like being barefoot but more as if you had really, really beautiful feet. Easy, but elegant, the softest of leathers and a sliver of a heel to elevate. I dare say I'm looking forward to slipping some shoes on again - these Vivas will do! - and going for a long stroll in them!

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
There are a few items in my wardrobe that currently aren't seeing sunlight – or more appropriately, moonlight. My selection of evening-wear and party shoes are taking an unwarranted hiatus from being worn, with their biggest fan (me) left wondering when I can don them once again. In memory of my going out days, this week's Fantasy wardrobe champions the shoe that I can't justify wearing to Sainsbury's: A Bottega Veneta snake print heel. Its reasonable heel height and secure foot encasing makes it a surprisingly secure, social occasion shoe, and what says 'I'm the life of the party!' better than an animal print?

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant
The silver lining (or maybe cruel twist of faith?) in this lockdown has been the incredibly beautiful weather all Spring. In its wake I have found myself switching out track suits for flowing Summer dresses and looking for excuses to get my toes out - and if anyone's ever needed an excuse for that, these Bottega Veneta are the perfect one. Their soft pillowy leather adding the feeling of walking on clouds is just another bonus. So until we can take our fantasy sandals for a spin again, I will gladly settle for this cozy chic look for breakfast in the garden.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-Ordinator
The sunny weather has got me sunbathing in my back garden, feet fully bared soaking up the vitamin D and on my once a week trips to the supermarket, they're comfortably bound by my sandal straps. Although any bit of physical freedom is welcomed right now, I've been longing to don my heeled boots and click-clack my way around central London. There's something about a good pair of boots that make me feel powerful and productive – these Chloé ones with it's lizard-effect leather and toe strap are exactly that. 

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