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Help talented creators leverage their designs directly with consumers. It's a pretty straightforward premise, but one that only took hold of co-founders Cecily Motley and Ilana Lever only a few years ago and convinced them to leave their jobs and set up together. A platform that gives space to jewellery design talent who don't necessarily want or need all the infrastructure that goes into having your own brand, but allow them to be at their creative best. An added plus, they help with the production of the jewellery, making everything in Turkey so that the margins benefit both the designer, and give value to the customer.  As this pandemic crisis will no doubt transform the retail industry, everyone is suffering, and small designers and brands are certainly not immune.

Motley have recently launched a new section of their website called The Trove in order to help designers earn more today. One of the commercial risks in forecasting sales is over-ordering of stock: based on instinct but not necessarily having sales history to guide. What it results in, is previous season stock – perfectly beautiful and timeless – sits in a warehouse until the website's once a year sales period. Motley has brought them out into the world again, with some savings up to 50% to make sure that they can be loved by someone who wants a timeless classic, no matter the timing. You'll have to sign up to gain access to the Trove by clicking this link.

I believe these issues of overstock, waste, discounting on quality product and the seasonal cycle will all come under sharp focus these next few months, years as we all dig in deep to understand how our world, quite clearly, needs to change. 

Another initiative that Motley launches this week is for those of you who believe in small business and want to help keep freelance designers alive.  The Designer Fund launches on the site this week and allows customers to donate £1-£5 directly to the designers at the point of purchase at checkout. Any little thing, helps. 

Shop some of our top picks to support Motley's designers (and get a beautiful jewel yourself!):

Written by Caroline Issa.

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