There's no place like the Great British high street – from its iconic independents, to seasonal Pop-Ups and those expansive, world-class department stores – but with the pandemic having caused many shops to momentarily close their doors, we've reimagined our usual feature to include the e-tailors that give us the same level of excitement as bricks and mortar. This week, we spoke to Imelda Burke, the founder of Content Beauty and Wellbeing, about their latest initiative, Secondhand September.

With 13 million items of clothing ending up in UK landfill every year, it's about time we start shopping more consciously. For us at Because, September has been the month for promoting a sustainable mindset, and for Content Beauty & Wellbeing, the Marylebone-based store specialising in natural, planet friendly beauty and lifestyle, they're promoting the aforementioned through Secondhand September.

Initiated by Oxfam as a pledge to shop only secondhand for 30 days, the retailer is showing their support by highlighting products that can bring new life to your old garms, or have done so by being made of re-purposed waste materials.

Founder of Content, Imelda Burke, gives a rundown of the bits and pieces she's been loving this Secondhand September.

What... APPRVL Embroidery Kit

Because... "I love these kits as they inspire people to personalise, repair and re-wear items in their wardrobe, rather than binning or donating them. They contain everything you need from thread to needles and templates."

Buy the APPRVL Embroidery Kit here.

What... Mending Matters Book 

Because... "Shopping second hand clothes are a great way to tip your wardrobe towards sustainability. But making your clothes last and reviving the clothes you might discard gives them a second life IN your wardrobe, which is even more sustainable. I love this book which teaches you how to repair clothes for a longer life."

Buy the Mending Matters Book here.

What... Mud Jeans Skinny Hazen in Strong Blue

Because... "This brand has made incredible strides into sustainability from reducing water consumption to actually reusing pre-loved jeans in a bid to make a circular denim brand – They take back your worn MUD Jeans for recycling. Up until 2019 they saved 20,000 jeans from landfill and incineration and turned them into new denim. Their fabrics are made from up to 40% post-consumer denim, teamed with organic cotton and elastane, and their goal is to get to 100% recycled denim."

Buy the Mud Jeans Skinny Hazen in Strong Blue here.

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