This season, a gender fluid London Fashion Week was presented to us electronically, as opposed to the cinematic catwalks that fashion folk would quite often expect. The Because team, much like every buyer, editor and member of the general public tuning in, plonked themselves on the sofa rather than don their most eye-catching pair of shoes to watch an array of digitalised creativity throughout the weekend.

While we would usually do a round-up of our highlights once fashion week is over, we’ve decided to adapt our coverage in the same manner that BFC had to adapt their showcase. Instead of a plethora of news as to what happened over the weekend, we’ve downsized it to our favourite moments during the course of the weekend, which is still available to see via the London Fashion Week website.

Ahluwalia 3D virtual exhibition
Instead of a usual collection showing, Priya Ahluwalia hosted a virtual exhibition of the contents of her latest photography tome, Jalebi. Captured in the heart of Southall, the South London Punjabi community Ahluwalia frequently frequented as a child, Jalebi and the exhibition beautifully express what can happen when two cultures come together. Alongside the photography are videos and voice recordings of Ahluwalia’s Grandma’s experience emigrating from India. In this current socio-political climate, this exhibition is a must see.

Teatum Jones Re-Love
Questions surrounding sustainability, ethical practices and inclusivity have been popping up more and more frequently within the last couple of lockdown months. Teatum Jones decided to bring this conversation to their LFW slot, and invited members of their community, such as Phoebe English, Jamie Windust and Emma Dabiri to provide answers to these difficult questions.

reM’Ade by Marques/Almeida
Marques/Almeida proved this season that creative design needn’t be hindered to also be sustainable. reM’Ade is the latest venture for Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, as they have created a pre-order only capsule collection made only with deadstock and recycled fabrics. Intrigued as to how it came into fruition? Watch their documentary about the process via London Fashion Week.

Elise By Olsen In Conversation with Hussein Chalayan
IG Live streams couldn’t have been more popular during lockdown, and the LFW schedule was no exception. Founder of his namesake menswear brand, Hussein Chalayan took to the social media app to conversate with Elise by Olsenk, about what the fashion industry will look like in a post-Coronavirus world.

Designer Diaries: Roksanda
Despite not officially showing this digital fashion week, Roksanda Ilinčić still let us glimpse into her world of creativity with a minute video of her day-to-day as a designer. Snippets of the designer painting, her collating ribbons, managing fitting sessions and close ups of fabrics give the impression of Roksanda’s day, all encapsulated with a calming soundtrack and bursts of happy colours.

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