Sustainable stalwarts, take note – we may have found the eco-conscious clothing brand that can cater to all your wardrobe staples. Another Tomorrow launched in January of this year as the brand that lives at the intersection of aesthetics and function, and that is guided by a value system based on three pillars – human, animal, and environmental welfare. 

The brand, who prides itself on its direct-to-consumer business model, has partnered with Matches Fashion as their one global retailer, and has already gained a cult following of the likes of Eva Chen and Carolyn Murphy.

To learn more about the pieces we should be buying now, that are made with the intention lasting forever, we asked the brands founder, Vanessa Barboni Hallik to share her favourite styles from this seasons collection, and why they can proudly don the sustainably-made stamp.

The Reworked Archival 501s
"This is the only denim I need in my life. Jane [Chung, Another Tomorrow's Creative Director] created a modern twist on these archival 501s with a chic tapered peg leg.

Working with archival denim was very important to us as virgin denim production has such a massive environmental footprint, particularly with respect to water usage. Working with archival pieces means there is no incremental raw material demand, chemical, or water use. 

Authenticity and quality were key and we were obsessed with finding pieces made in the 90s in the USA with the original button fly. The project came to life when I was introduced by a friend to Maurizio Donadi of Transnomadica, who is one of the foremost experts in denim in the world and shares so much of our philosophy. He sourced all of the archival denim and was also critical to our ability to find a manufacturing partner in LA paying living wages and offering safe working conditions, which is no small feat in general, and certainly this year when our usual travel is off the table."

Shop the Reworked Archival 501s here.

The Gathered Blouse
"Our new blouses marry easy-to-wear romance with strength, and this is one of my personal favourites in both oxford blue and white. This one piece completely uplifts how I feel when I dress in the morning.

The backstory here is fascinating and complex. For one, we don't use silk for animal welfare reasons so we utilise cellulosic fibre that comes from trees as an alternative. Working with any kind of tree fibre requires serious diligence. Ours is sourced from responsibly managed FSC-certified forests, predominantly in Sweden, which outlaws any deforestation and has strong biodiversity protections, that we believe are imperative.  I traveled to Sweden myself to visit the forests and meet the forest owners and their supply-chain partners first hand. 

The atelier who made the blouse itself is like family to us. They are run by a mother and her two daughters and specialise in detailed pattern-making, so they were part of this piece from idea all the way through to production. They take exceptional care in the quality of their work."

Shop the Gathered Blouse here.

The Draped Overcoat
"I can't take this one off, even when I come back inside. The handfeel is insane and wearing it gives me an almost subliminal feeling of safety and warmth. 

The creation of this coat really encapsulates our core values and it was an adventure to bring it to life. For one, from an animal welfare and environmental welfare perspective, it was crucial to me to have a direct relationship with the farms from which we source and this comes from a wonderful ethical family-owned farm in Tasmania, that takes incredible care of their sheep and the land they graze on.  Shelley, who takes closest care of the sheep, is a former nurse. I took the 34hr flight from New York and built a personal relationship at the outset and we keep in close touch virtually now. We're honoured to support them, and they have recently introduced a new wave of projects planting native grasses to capture carbon and support the habitat of small indigenous mammals.

The fabric itself is custom made with a 170 year-old mill in Italy that specialises in complex fabrics, and used the highest environmental standards for all of their processing. And the double-faced construction, truly an art, was done at a small family-run atelier of just nineteen people who do all of the work themselves, rather than outsourcing to lower cost facilities, as is often the case behind the scenes."

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