What… A Bella Singleton Scarf

Why… Because a flourish around the neck...or hair... can add a little joy

What’s in a scarf? A little slip of fabric that can mean the difference between BORING and ELEGANT. There is a certain insouciant lightness of touch that can only be achieved with a well-tied silk scarf. Think Audrey Hepburn riding a bicycle or Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca. Even Hermes made their name with them.

A scarf is a beautiful but temperamental thing. Tying a scarf is the sort of life skill that takes time, but should look effortless, lest the Frump appear. The line between Jean Shrimpton wearing a little floral scarf tied under her chin and (though we love her) Pat Butcher, is thin when you don’t know what you’re doing. The draping, knotting twisting, folding… it can all be a bit much. 

One of the ways to wear a scarf is to integrate it into your hair itself, like knotting the scarf around a ponytail or braid it through your hair twists. Its placement should look almost unintentional. 

This season, Bella Singleton has made a go-to. Founded in 2015, the Norfolk-based label makes digitally printed designs that begin as hand drawn illustrations, typically focusing on botanicals integrated with geometric graphic patterns. 

Made of 100% lightweight silk crepe de chine, “The Planets” is a limited edition, monochromatic scarf featuring the planetary symbols centered against a dark space-like expanse and surrounded by delicate florals. The intergalactic design references her support for Friends of the Earth and £5 of each sale will be donated to the charity to help fight climate change. A little bit of flowery silken joy with an environmental impetus: yes, please.

Bella Singleton's "The Planets" scarf is available online here

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