What? Hand-poured resin hair clips by Valet.

Why? Accessorising should be fun... And these sweet barrettes are the pinnacle of playfulness – all while keeping your flyaways in check!

Jelly shoes were the first of our childhood wardrobe staples to make a resurgence this year – and now, whimsical, mermaid-inspired hair clips are back too. Think scallop shells, moulded ocean coral, and dainty slides that are dotted with crystals as though plundered from a treasure chest.

Crafted with hand-poured, marbled resin by Sydney-based brand Valet – making each style completely one-of-a-kind – these fun-filled hair jewels can be mixed and matched, or worn as a singular adornment.

With too many to choose from, we’re spotlighting the whole hair-raising bundle for this week’s shoutout.

Bring your accessory A-game. Shop Valet here:

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