What? Topshop’s ‘Gwenie’ vegan mules in snake-effect beige.

Because cruelty-free and full of glamour, they are the jungle’s answer to happy feet!

Nothing says ease more than a slip-on mule. Better still, one that can elevate your personal style without sacrificing animals in the process.

Sleek in its pointed-toe, block-heeled design, this Topshop pair are perfect for summer strolls as your answer to the ever ambiguous ‘smart casual’ dilemma. Dealing out the detail, faux snake-print steps forward as a finishing flourish, much like whimsical hair clips and a touch of tie-dye elsewhere in the SS19 trendbook. With shoes like these, you needn’t fear taking baby steps toward a healthier planet.

Topshop’s Fashion Footprint scheme is just one way that the retailer is improving on its ethical contributions. Low environmental impact and made in humane working conditions – with full transparency a part of its manifesto – the origins of the shoe are something to be proud of. Plus, if that’s not enough, stride with confidence thanks to the PETA stamp of approval – that deems our product of the week 100% sustainable, animal-safe footwear. Made from luxurious synthetic leather, these three-inch mules are just what you need to kickstart your sustainable dressing love affair.

Don’t forget: shopping sustainably means shopping wisely – and this pair of mules will walk you well into next summer (and beyond!).

And if one pair isn't enough, shop Topshop's full sustainable range, here:

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