Born in Marrakech, raised in Paris and now based out of London, Karen Ruimy of Kalmar is the definition of cosmopolitan and so is her brand. While her creative flair transcends designing to flamenco dancing and singing, her brand is an exotic and eclectic display of inspirations.

Fashioning luxury resortwear with a twist, Karen pours into the brand her interests in self-care, spirituality, sensuality and wellbeing with the end goal of empowering the Kalmar woman. From floaty kaftans to form fitting one-pieces and delicate cover-ups, the collections epitomises poolside chic, while the more exotic pieces embody the bohemian glamour of her native Marrakech in the 1970s.

Desperate to know more about the driver behind the wheel of Kalmar as we build our high-summer wardrobes, we asked Karen to go about documenting her day...

"In the morning I always unravel my yoga mat and practice for 20 to 30 minutes; I love to go for a run or walk in the park afterwards. This routine is very inspiring and nourishing for all my senses – creating peace and balance inside of me." 

"I usually love to write, meditate and receive peaceful energy for my day then I feel energised and inspired. It’s funny how a calm moment in the morning makes me feel geared up to do a very energising activity like dancing or creating with the team at Kalmar."

"Inspiration surprisingly comes very from everything in your life. I think if you nourish yourself with visions of art and nature – from all kinds of different creatives around you and also from past memories – then your inspiration brings to the surface something very strong. From that, you can follow that thread and start creating."

"Yesterday I was standing in front of the high summer collection. The orange is so vibrant; the mint so fresh. It always amazes me to look at the development of a collection... How from an idea you create the kaftans many months later."

"I have very eclectic music taste! I listen to Madonna, to Deva Premal, which is very soothing, to some amazing DJ's like Bedouin, to flamenco wizard Rosalía and classics like Andrea Bocelli."

"I do what I do because I love to create – to birth what I call the energy of bliss into clothes and smells and products. The Kalmar adventure comes from the desire to create a brand about wellness and beauty at the same time. I always feel an amazing energy when I wear a flowing kaftan or dress in an incredible fabric, colour and print. Imagine the sun setting before you and the wind through your hair and dress. It is about having incredible moments of enjoyment and a celebration of your femininity."

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