It’s antiquated to just think about Savile Row suiting for men when we talk about tailoring. And purveyor of self-proclaimed ‘personalised power suiting’, Daisy Knatchbull, is the first to agree. “Tailoring no longer exists just for men,” she tells us. “’The moniker for my brand, The Deck, comes from the notion that our business is about ‘reshuffling’ and changing the way things used to be.”

From the walls of her West London emporium, Knatchbull and her team have been hard at work crafting four signature suiting styles to represent the four suits in a deck of cards. “Each of the four styles we offer satisfy a particular way I believe each woman wants to express themselves,” she adds. “They’re designed to take women from the office to a party, on holiday or even to picking the kids up from school!”

For Daisy, her career in design developed organically after working in various sectors of the fashion industry, including publishing and styling. However, it was during her time at Huntsman & Sons – observing the crème de la crème of Savile Row tailoring – that she felt isolated in a male-dominated space. The first woman in history to wear a top hat and tails to ascot (props to her!), Daisy is now on a mission to change the landscape – one bespoke suit at a time.

We wanted to learn more – here, we get under the skin of the designer to discover her inner workings...

“My morning routine starts with 20 minutes of meditation which has become an important part of helping me to run my business as it really allows me to focus. I have recently started using a sand timer to stop me checking my phone to ensure I’m fully checked out while I meditate. These 20 minutes of stillness really change my day and set me up well.”

“I then walk down the King’s Road to get to my atelier. I love people watching and it's the perfect opportunity to see everybody else getting on with their morning routine.”

“For my inaugural collection, I wanted to ensure we showcased and celebrated ‘women’ and the female form. How women wear clothes, especially tailored suits to not fit in with men, but use colour and material combinations to stand out and celebrate.”

“I spend the majority of my time thinking about the next dream suit. I love what I do – and it comes with the territory of having an independent business. We work with over 7,000 cloths so every fitting I come across a cloth I fall totally in love with, from the way it moves to the way it catches the light and ultimately the way it makes you feel when you wear it.”

“Every summer I always go back to linen. We have just received a fantastic linen which doesn’t crease and comes in an array of wonderful summer hues. Bamboo is also a favourite of mine with an incredibly soft handle and some beautiful shades. We offer a blank canvas for the cloth, lining, button, thread and monogramming choice of the client.”

“I love our little atelier which is found below the wonderful Baar and Bass on the Kings Road. It’s a real nook in the heart of Chelsea and an emporium of wonders. Many clients end up spending far longer than they thought chatting away and getting lost in the beautiful clothes we offer. I always wanted it to feel like a sort of refuge for our clients, a place they can have a glass of champagne or a coffee and chat to us whilst having something unique made. I am lucky to be surrounded by a great team who help me deliver the vision everyday.”

“Currently we are listening to Elton John on repeat since the release of ‘Rocketman’!”

“I do what I do because I have never believed in anything so strongly. It is the most fantastic feeling when you’re so passionate about something – and then to have the privilege of being able to do it. I want every woman to feel the empowering nature of a tailored suit and I wanted women to experience the same quality, fit and experience men have been experiencing on Savile Row for decades. I derive so much pleasure from watching the joy of the women who have suits made from us and feel taller, stronger and more beautiful in a suit from ‘The Deck’.”

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