Every artist has their muse: A spring board, off of which all of their creative ideas leap into action. For Roland Mouret, it is the contours of the female form that inspire his garments. 

Born far from the high-octane world of fashion in rural France – his mother a maid, and father a butcher – it was through watching the latter at work that Roland’s anatomical appreciation in design was nurtured.

Placing form at the forefront, Mouret focuses on draping his fabrics in favour of sketching – allowing each piece to find a natural fit on the body. In doing so, he deconstructs conventional tailoring, saving the parts that he has found most useful – namely, the clinched-in waists and sharp bias cuts – whilst adding a few signature touches, like geometric butterfly sleeves that made his Galaxy dress one of the most recognisable silhouettes in the world, right alongside Dior's “New Look” waistline and Balenciaga cocoon coats. 

No matter the dress, blouse, trouser or skirt, Roland Mouret’s success lies in his unique gift to create garments that flatter anyone and everyone (as evidenced by him putting male models on the runway wearing his womenswear collection, after male customers kept buying the womenswear in their size).  

Caroline Issa, talks style, power and modern dressing with the man himself.

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