Named as One-To-Watch by NEWGEN in 2015, Roberta Einer is celebrated for her deliciously tactile garments that meld unorthodox silhouettes and embellishments with conventional tailoring.

As she explained to us when we last saw her in her North London studio, "I like playing with good and bad taste. It’s easier to make a white shirt – which is something we do – but it becomes exciting when you push in these pieces that would be too much were they a full collection."

Now, as she stages her AW19 showcase, Einer reveals where she finds inspiration in her day to day life.

really lucky to be able to walk to work from my home in Angel, so I always grab coffee and breakfast on-the-go. The best coffee and croissants are made in Pophams Bakery! The owners and bakers of this cafe are so passionate about what they do and this really inspires me to feel same way about my own work, too. 

I've never been a morning person, but I have really taken it as a mission to become one: I try to wake up early, work out and have time for breakfast before work, so I can be fully switched on once I arrive at the studio."

"For AW19, I revisited one of my graduate year projects, which was based on my grandma’s life. Comprising Soviet Union era graphics, fashion and glamour, it’s sort of a gift of love and respect to her, while also an experiment for myself to see what happens when the starting point is the same, but about four years have gone by!

I really don’t like to rush the first part of collection development, so I really take my time to make all the drawings that become prints and artworks and embroideries. I also enjoy working from my parents' beautiful home in Estonia by the sea, when I can."

"I love my team and how we inspire and push each other more and more every day – I learn so much from them every season. My interns have been playing DJ recently, so the playlist has been very 90s-tinged. I guess we can all relate to this both in a love and hate relationship.

I do what I do because it’s the only thing I can imagine doing; it’s the only thing I can concentrate on, and it's what pushed me daily. Until I feel I have something new to show to the world creatively, I will always do that."

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