It’s said good things come in threes. And with footwear brand, aeydē, such is the case: chic hand-crafted Italian leather shoes arrive with an affordable price point and without compromising on sustainability.

If not for a trip to Italy where one-half of the brand, Luisa Krogmann, stumbled across a local shoe store that practised impeccable heritage craft (using the highest quality materials for a fraction of the imagined cost), we could be in a world sans aeydē. Abounding with inspiration, it was on her return to her stomping ground of Berlin, that along with her long-time coworker, Constantin Langholz-Baikousis, the brand was born.

Four years on, the direct-to-consumer luxury footwear label has garnered loyal legions of fans across the globe – including more than 50k on Instagram – for their styles that marry the traditions of Italian family-owned leather factories with contemporary and distinctive designs. See: snakeskin cowboy boots, pointed patent heels, and strappy architectural shapes.

Intrigued by the creative process behind aeydē's cunning creations, we stepped into Luisa’s shoes for the day – sneaking a peek into Berlin life.

“I am definitely a morning person. I love to wake up early at like 6:30 am and go for a run while the city sleeps and everything is still closed. It’s where I get my energy from and where I process my ideas. Before heading to the office, I have to have my morning coffee. I sometimes change my place but in Berlin, I like the Barns Coffee Shop, they have the best coffee and even roast their own beans.”

“For my job, I travel a lot between Italy, Paris and London and I meet different people basically every day. It is the diversity of my work and the people I meet on those different occasions that give me inspiration for every new collection.”

“Our studio in Berlin has a minimalistic touch – the interiors are minimal and clean and the sealings are high, giving the space an uplifting feeling of freedom.”

“Music is very important to me but during my work day, I don’t have the time to listen to it. I prefer the calm of silence – nothing is more stressful for me than agitating music while I work… my team know this well!”

I do what I do because I learn every day and have the opportunity to work with a very motivated team that inspires me. I do what I do because I believe that aeydē makes every day more modern.”

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