Love them or hate 'em, flip-flops aren't going anywhere anytime soon... Fortunately, for those loyal to the latter camp, the OG style has a contemporary younger cousin for you to get acquainted with. One you might have met before: the slider.

Designed to be donned on both sandy shores and warm tarmac (ah, London), the slider answers stylish pleas to "release the toes!". However, don't let us discourage you, channeling grandad-cool with pulled-up socks is equally a strong look...

If you lean towards a minimalist predilection, Ganni’s buckled sliders are a versatile pair for city-dwellers; thick industrial straps, that come in black leather or brown suede, lend the style a polished look for office life. Meanwhile, Sukicoke – the brand ubiquitous with the style-set; recently collaborating with Cecilie Bahnsen on embellished styles – offers up a red checkered print style that adds instant pizzazz – think when time is against you in the morning and you've ended up in head-to-toe black... Oops! Elsewhere, Toga nods to the Wild Wild West with its Western-imbued silver-tone metal buckles, which echo bohemian, Balearic Island vibes and ask to be worn there.

Buckle up and slide on in!

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