Collaborator. Artist. Academic. Osman Yousefzada’s unbounded creativity cannot be defined by a singular term. 

Born into a family of artisans, Osman’s background nurtured his love for precision tailoring – having learned how to cut and sew before he was even 10 years old. 

Taking in a varied academic life, including time spent at Central Saint Martins, SOAS, and committing to an MPHIL at Cambridge University, the designer has used his knowledge of a variety of cultural trends and artistic disciplines to create an eclectic style that he describes lovingly as ‘migrant soup’.

Osman introducing us to his then-new townhouse.

What's the mantra you tell yourself first thing in the morning? 
It’s not so much a mantra for me, it’s more about feeling grateful and blessed.

How do you take your coffee? I
don’t drink coffee! I quit it about five years ago and I haven’t looked back. I don’t miss those energy slumps.

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing instead? I’d love to be a dancer!

If you could only keep one outfit in your wardrobe, which would it be? 
It would probably have to be a tuxedo jacket. You can never be over- or under-dressed in a tuxedo jacket.

Who's one person you'd love to have dinner with? 
Elizabeth I of England, because she was a ballsy woman; she’s one of the first formidable women. She broke so many barriers of her time.

What's the main thing you would like to achieve this year? 
I would like my company to focus on eventually becoming plastic-free. These days everything is covered in plastic; it's in everything from the manufacturing process to packaging. 
This year I want to try and reduce our footprint. We all need to use alternative forms of packaging, from factory to warehouse then on to client. 

Who would you want to record your audio autobiography, voice-wise? 
The actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Why did you end up doing what you do?  
My mother had a dress-making business and I really fell in love with being around women, what they were doing, and how they dressed themselves. The bug started from there.

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