'Female empowerment' is up there with 'sustainability' when it comes to the buzzwords du jour, but for Danish native Nynne Kunde it's the driver behind why she designs.

Based out of London and Copenhagen, the Isituto Marangoni graduate has the best of both worlds – think Scandinavian simplicity and the eclecticism of London, which she pools in equal measure. Her inaugural collection – 'Joan', named after the one and only, Joan Crawford – channeled both energies, while laying out her message of empowerment through 1940s-inspired billowing yet structured wide legs and sleeves. Alongside such shapes, fur coats and pleated graphic skirts too added to the offering to cement Nynne as one of the most exciting talents to watch.

Having recently snapped up the Alumni Collections Revolution prize (powered by Istituto Marangoni), we're waiting with bated breath for the designer's second collection in collaboration with the retailer. In the meantime, while London-bound, we asked Nynne to walk us through her day-to-day routine.

"My morning route takes me through Spitalfields market in Shoreditch where I stop by my favourite coffee shop, Good Froth, and grab a Soya iced latte on my way to work. I am not a morning person – I love to sit up late and work, but I've had to change the habit since I started the brand, and therefore coffee is needed in the morning!"

"This season I have continued to dig deeper in my urge to empower women and continued to be inspired by 1940s working women in several professions. We are especially looking at women from the Film Noir era."

"I tend to start my collections by researching silhouettes from a period in time I am obsessed with or an art movement I am interested in. And from there I build the collection with interesting textiles."

"The most pleasurable time for me is in the development stage; even though you have a limited amount of time. The development stage is where the sketches come to life and sometimes this even gives me new ideas for the next season. It is also one of the most important stages because it determines the outcome of the collection."

"I love our studio because it's located in Shoreditch, it's bright and able to fit six people at the moment. I love working in open bright spaces it gives a positive energy and a great work environment. At the centre of my studio is my SS20 inspiration board with silhouettes, colour and details as it's a constant reminder of what we are working towards for the summer collection. At the moment I am listening to old classics like Queen as it keeps a good vibe in the studio."

"I do what I do because I love to make women feel powerful and amazing in their daily lives – in my case through clothing. I would love to be part of the future designers who find a new language and expression for women incorporating timeless and sustainable aspects as well."

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