Christopher Kane
Tell me your fetish:
Let loose your deepest desires.
Rubberist? Me too.

Taffeta structures;
Sculptural silk silhouettes…
Voluminous art.

The mood is Hitchcock;
Scenes, as royal as they come.
Majestic, yet dark.

Richard Malone
Snuggly as a bug,
In hand-woven Scottish wools:
Safe, cozy, secure.

Supriya Lele
Signatures dialled-up.
Think a more subversive plane…
Delicate, always.

Huishan Zhang
Classic Cheongsam, 
Reworked for the silver screen:
Eastern elegance.

Edeline Lee 
Power to women!
Speak up, and take to the stage:
The world’s your oyster. 

Juxtaposing nuances…
Opposites attract!

Pringle of Scotland 
Knitwear at its best…
Add tartan for good measure,
And you can’t go wrong!

Hussein Chalayan
25 long years…
Retrospective, yet modern.
Time continues on.

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