“Earth to A Sai Ta!”
Think survival; channel strength.
This is home… Grounded.

Ryan Lo
Love and fantasy:
With you, is where the heart is.
Together, always!

Genderless classics
Redefine “Modernity”.
Exist. Evolve. Grow.

Roberts Wood 
Artistic minds meet,
Creativity flowing...
Fashion becomes art.

Alice Archer
Renaissance paintings
Of Somerset apple trees,
Keep it classical.

Defying “pretty” –
It’s time for a new beauty.
Our moment is here.

Malene Oddershede Bach
Autumn leaves fallen:
Prints and jacquard emulate.
Otherworldly bloom…

Simone Rocha
To those who have loved,
Lost, and survived. You are heard.
Find security.

In liquid leather,
And warrior-esque tartan,
We will do battle.

Decadence abounds:
Look to “Deco” and be free…

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