Even before she had graduated, Katie Roberts-Wood’s penchant for ethereal fabrics and striking forms was making waves.

With her MA collection, ‘SYNCH’ – that earned her both the International Talent Support ‘Collection of the Year’ Award and the Vogue Talent Award – there was no doubt that the young designer was going to be significant. 

Katie launched the Roberts|Wood label in 2015 and, in turn, stunned all who saw it at London Fashion Week, with her debut collection being picked up by Dover Street Market in London, New York and Tokyo. 

As she makes her London Fashion Week return for AW19, we asked the designer to turn her camera inwards and onto the world that inspires her. 

"I'm quite a morning person these days: It’s when I feel most productive and energetic. I usually go for a run first thing to my local park (Victoria), which is where I took this picture. Even London can be magical sometimes! Around dawn, before (almost) anyone is up, it's like another world… Quiet and beautiful!"

"My dog Choux always comes to work with me and never fails to make us happy at the studio – and keep everything in perspective!"

"This season, the collection is particularly personal to me, and has been really interesting to research. It might seem obscure, but one thing that I have been looking at is my Dad’s copy of ‘Gray’s Anatomy’. I studied medicine before I started my career in design, so this has particular significance for me.

As part of my research this season, I have also been speaking to a lot of creative women about creativity, process, self-reflection, femininity, and how they see themselves through the lens of clothing."

"My studio is based at the Sarabande Foundation, which is such an incredible place to work. I’ve created a mini world here, which I love... This picture shows a tiny part of the ceiling, which is full of floating silk, sheer dresses made from my invented non-stitched techniques, which I’ve become known for.

These are suspended amongst installation pieces and other transparent sculptural, cloud-esque objects that I’ve made. It’s quite dream-like.

I do what I do because I’m inexplicably driven to create, despite the impracticalities and unpredictability of this industry! I don’t think there is much of a rational reason… It is certainly not a logical thing."

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