Joseph Altuzarra knows his way to a woman’s heart: Ask any of his legions of loyal fashion friends and muses.

A master at designing forever pieces that ignite unbridled joy, the Parisian native is this year celebrating his brand’s 10-year milestone – and calling upon these elegant women to help him!

From our very own Caroline Issa, to Carine Roitfeld and Jenna Lyons, industry icons are marking the designer’s legacy in luxury with a 15-piece archival capsule ("The One That Got Away"), for which they’ve trawled through past seasons to hand-pick their favourite pieces... And it’s as powerful and diverse a selection as you’d imagine!

If there was ever a time to shine the spotlight on the man behind it all, that time is now – and so, we’re putting our 8Qs to Joseph Altuzarra...

Image courtesy of Altuzarra.

What's the mantra you tell yourself first thing in the morning? I don't really have a mantra: I wake up happy every morning, excited to start the day! 

How do you take your coffee? Iced, with a splash of almond milk. 

Image courtesy of Altuzarra.

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing instead? Probably producing or directing I think.

If you could only keep one outfit in your wardrobe, which would it be? Leather pants and a black hoodie!

Who's one person you'd love to have dinner with? Michelle Obama: She is so inspiring, and a constant source of optimism and positivity, which we all need right now.

What's the main thing you would like to achieve this year? One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be more present – to make the effort to enjoy moments when they are happening. Maybe it's something to do with the 10-year anniversary, but I'm realising how quickly time is going by, and how important it is to be in the moment.

Who would you want to record your audio autobiography, voice-wise? Armie Hammer!

Why did you end up doing what you do? Because... I was nerdy and didn't feel like I fitted in; fashion was an escape.

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