Caroline wears tie-dye top by Ninety Percent.

It's said that eyes are windows to the soul. Now, hang on a minute while I Google to find out exactly who said this... Aha! It's been attributed to Shakespeare – a wise man of iconic phrase – so I'll believe it. And yet, in this world where Facebook and Google have every conceivable piece of information on me (which, natch, I seem to have given willingly until realising only later on the implications), there is something comforting in hiding behind a great pair of sunglasses for a modicum of mystery.

Enter Pierre Hardy and Hervé Domar's second sunglasses collaboration.

Experts in their respective areas – Hardy in shoes and Domar in jewellery and fragrance – they have combined their design flair to fashion a range of bold sunglasses in several shapes and colours. These sunglasses are not for the faint-hearted, nor are they for someone who wants to blend into a crowd; they will act as a major adornment to your face, in as much as they'll protect you from the sun. You'll retain your air of mystery, but no doubt these sunglasses project confidence, calm and a strong current of attitude.

So lift them up when you need to share, but otherwise use them for a little respite of the daily decoding we go through – whether we want it or not.

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