It's been a while that we've all been obsessed with the street-wise fanny pack, the sweet raffia summer bag and the teeny-tiny micro-bag; we seem to have collectively pushed to the back of our minds the all-important 'work bag'. You know the one: the bag that gets us from morning to night – actually transporting the mountain of stuff that we need to be productive. I'm over doing emails on my phone (my thumb cramps have signalled both the end of my mobile phone dependency and the modern myth that our smartphones may be smart, but are in fact detrimental to our health), so after a brief period of thinking I could forgo my laptop, it's back travelling with me.

Along with my laptop, there's also my Smythson diary, large Apple iPhone, beauty kit, a change of shoes for dinner, and lycra for a (wishful) workout. With all of that in mind, size is important – the more Mary Poppins, the better. Here are three which fit the brief, while bringing style by the bag load. 

Bottega Veneta by Daniel Lee
One of the first things Daniel Lee put out under his new vision for Italian leather luxury brand, Bottega Veneta, was this supersized version of their iconic 'Intrecciato' leather woven bag. Hearty, contrasting and bold, he blew up old ideas and introduced a clean, new version in three sizes (this one pictured being Medium). With easy handles – and an over-shoulder strap should you want it – along with small pocket coin purse attached inside, it's simultaneously roomy and chic enough to see you through from meeting to meeting with a little bit of an edge.

Mallet & Co
It's a wonder this man's name isn't more well-known in the world of fashion and design. Currently the Design Director for leather goods at Louis Vuitton – and the man behind the famous Mulberry 'Bayswater' bag – accessories genius, Nicholas Knightly, finally launched his own bag brand three and a half years ago. A smart move, Knightly went classic – I think given the dearth beautifully produced, but non-gimmicky carry-alls.

Ralph Lauren
The RL50 is the newest bag in the Ralph Lauren stable, and it's a doozy. Why? First of all, it's big (well, I carry the Large sized version). It can carry a LOT. And in its big, minimalistic canvas – with exuberant gussets and fine belt detail – this bag is also a return to classic form; it's something that pairs equally well with a great tailored suit, as it could with a more floaty dress. It's substantial and requires substance to go inside... Otherwise, what's the point of all that space!

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