London in the summer... it can go one of two ways. Too familiar with such a (rainy) predicament, naturally, here at Because Magazine, we always have a plan B. 

On the occasion of getting our toes out to celebrate the British summer, a huge thunderstorm thwarted plans of playing croquet in the park – and, instead, we gladly setup an indoor picnic to play our newest addiction: Bananagrams! 

Because’s Caroline Issa was joined by friends who couldn’t wait to get their toes out too, including designers Racil Chalhoub and Mira Mikati, along with writer Katherine Ormerod and music composer and pianist, Rosey Chan.

Whether paired with a full-on orange floral jumpsuit like Caroline, a 90s-inspired silk, biased-cut skirt and jean jacket à la Rosey, or a red tuxedo jacket teamed with white jeans as Racil did, Havaianas flip-flops were versatile for every style maven in our group. Watch the video to see how the group of stylish ladies styled their own rainbow array of Havaianas and find out who won at Bananagrams... 

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