Meet the brand bringing sexy back (à la Justin Timberlake) into everyday dressing, GAUGE81. The ever-arbitrary line between day and eveningwear is set to be dismantled as the brand launches on Net-A-Porter. This means we can wave goodbye to the anxiety that comes when whisperings of impromptu evening plans are heard, and say hello to founder Monika Silva, who we spoke to pre-launch.

"We are blurring the line between day and evening," says Monika. A seamless fusion of contrasts came naturally thanks to her decade-spanning dedication to the fashion industry, garnering her renowned admiration in knitwear. However, in collaboration with fashion consultant Gijsje Ribbens of Vogue Netherlands and designer Fira Rietveld of The Row and Calvin Klein, they honed their creativity to materialise Monika’s vision of – literally – timeless fashion. But much like Timberlake’s 90s revival, the deliciously alluring redolence of Sex and the City femininity is making a comeback in their FW19 collection. 

And how does the brand ensure seamless adaptability between day and night? “Our pieces can be combined and layered or worn as standalones, and that can take you straight from the office to a cocktail party with a quick shoe or handbag change,” explains Monika. Perhaps with the rise of minimalism, the brand is incorporating this into their ethos of versatility “by bringing multiple uses to one garment we are pushing a less-is-more effort, not only for our closets, but following the more streamlined, multi-use global trend”. 

GAUGE81 walks the fine line between professionalism and playfulness, suggestive yet elegant, as Monika acclaims the brand’s multi-faceted utility taking you from “supermarket to boardroom” to “early morning business coffee”, and even “walking home the morning after”. The brand has the audacious woman in mind, the woman who intends on leaving an impression in less conspicuous ways, and never takes herself too seriously. “Our aesthetic is minimal and fun. We regularly flirt with unexpected proportions and pops of colour. The brand’s signature is playful, bold and undisputedly feminine. Part of our current focus is giving a fresh take to contemporary and retro classics”.

We couldn’t help but be intrigued by the brand’s name (and pronunciation) thankfully Monika breaks it down for us. “Gauge is an industry term that refers to the weight of yarn, we decided to opt for a francophone pronunciation to give it a unique spin. The 81 has two meanings: 8 and 1 are very powerful numbers in numerology, their significance resonates greatly with me and what the brand stands for. And second, for luck.” Monika homages her affiliation to knitwear through the name, but it also acts as a testament to GAUGE81’s dedication to expert craft. 

The perennial discussion on sustainability was addressed, as the brand pledges to “achieve sustainability and make our production process at every level more environmentally conscious and less wasteful. A benefit of having increased volume is that you have a stronger voice with your suppliers and a greater ability to implement efforts.” And what of the future of GAUGE81? Their fresh take on contemporary classics delicately melded with retro panache is set to build a base for long-term brand loyalty. Monika hopes to cement their roots in current markets, potentially leading into new product lines. So watch this space; GAUGE81's "crisp, no-fuss 90s" is here to stay.

Blur the line between evening and casualwear with GAUGE81's Net-a-Porter offering:

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