What? Crochet bucket hat in amazon green by COS.

Why? In durable paper crochet and with a short brim, this hat will protect you from the sun while keeping you stylish.

Out of the depths of the 1990s, along with playful nostalgia-tinged hair accessories, bucket hats are one of spring/summer 2019’s favourite style statements to make.

A time-tested piece that has moved with and through the ages (think sixties Mod subculture and the 1980s and ‘90s rap scene), the bucket hat can actually be traced back to Irish origin at the turn of the 20th century, with its utilitarian roots in fisherman and farm wear.

And now, COS step up with our new favourite: a variation of the classic canvas models in unexpected crochet. Arriving in three colourways – midnight blue, amazon green and ivory – and boasting a clean finish with its short, durable brim, the style makes for perennial piece, whether to see you around the city or to OOO picnic and park days.

Spy the amazon green style on our Fashion Assistant, Carmen, and shop the trio here:

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