What? Jewellery designer, Rosh Mantani, of Alighieri tries her hand at footwear and fashions espadrilles with a teardrop amulet.

With a detachable talisman to protect you on any adventure, these shoes are made for those chasing the sun.

Dreams of high-summer are finally becoming a reality  and with that in mind comes a much needed wardrobe refresh. We’ve sought out the coveted bucket hats and accessories of the season; the missing puzzle piece is the go-to summer shoe.

Answering our cries is Rosh Mantani’s jewellery brand, Alighieri, which mixes luxury and literature to create Dante-inspired delights. To celebrate the brand’s fifth birthday, Rosh honoured the occasion by fashioning the most chic of espadrilles – a summer staple synonymous with fellow Dante fan, Salvador Dali.

Inspired by Dali’s footwear choice for his strolls down the French Riviera, and the symbolic talisman in Dante’s poems, Rosh set foot to create the shoe to wear on every escapade. And with a choice of four different detachable Alighieri amulet’s to wrap around the ankle, these espadrilles are as poetic as they are pretty.

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