It’s an easy mistake to make, however you’d be wrong for thinking that Veronica Beard is the namesake label of a single designer. Because, there are, in fact, two Veronica Beards in the equation with this New York-based womenswear brand.

Sister-in-laws Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard – hailing from Florida and New Jersey respectively – fuse a wealth of references in their vast ready-to-wear offerings, all of which started with their signature Dickey Jacket in 2010. Its mission? To channel an East-meets-West (coast) approach to style, culminating in a sense of bohemia and fearlessness that transcends seasonal trends.

Mothers (to eight children between them) and business women, both confident in their personal styles, the Veronicas are their very own customers – ergo, they know what their woman wants. We sat down with the duo to learn more...

How did you come about working together and making the move from family to business partners?
Whenever we'd get together at family functions, we would always talk about business ideas and fashion – about what we loved, what we wanted, what we needed – and we came down to the concept of designing a classics-with-a-twist uniform for busy women. The brand is quite the meeting of minds. We bring our respective backgrounds of banking and fashion buying to the table, but we’re united by our love for the fashion industry.

Tell us more about this sense of uniform and the Dickey Jacket in particular; why is it the cornerstone of the Veronica Beard brand?
The Dickey Jacket is at the centre of our brand – and it makes for the foundation of our ‘uniform’ – because it provides a stylish solution for women who lead multi-faceted lives, and need quality clothing that can keep up with various pursuits, careers, and hobbies.

We knew there were other women out there like us; women who wanted a chic, versatile answer to everyday dressing, and to be able to layer up without the bulk! The best part of the design is that you can mix and match different Dickeys to create a very personal look, and they’re ideal for seeing you through from day to night, without having to change your jacket. 

Do you consider the Veronica Beard aesthetic to be a universal one, and what sets it apart?
The aesthetic is most definitely a universal one. While we recognise that women in other regions may have different preferences, there are elements in our multi-faceted, fast-paced lifestyles that unite us – and so, our products transcend location and resonate with the needs of women all around the world.

We believe our greatest advantage, primarily, is that we’re women designing for women. We also succeed in melding a luxury experience with a contemporary price point, so the brand is incredibly accessible. 

Discover versatility by way of the Veronicas; shop their latest offering:

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