“The American history of glamour is absolutely a part of my work and always will be,” Michael Halpern once told us. Now, the man who’s been credited with bringing the high-octane hedonism of Studio 54 back onto fashion’s radar, is introducing it to an entirely new demographic with his hotly anticipated Topshop collaboration.

Topshop x Halpern. Available now. Click here to shop the full collection.

Anyone who knows anything about Halpern’s signature style is sure to expect three things from the high-street capsule: Sequins, opulent velvets, and more disco references than you can shake a stick at. It doesn’t disappoint! A 28-piece album of hit after sartorial hit, this groove-making ode to fashion and music’s most decadent era drops just in time for party season, with prices starting at an oh-so-tempting £40. Mamma Mia!

It’s been a busy month for the Great British high street, and if your thirst for sequins and sparkle remains as yet unquenched, there’s plenty more where they came from. We’ve got our sights set on Warehouse where, shimmering on the horizon, a collaboration with Ashish Gupta is coming into view. Fashion’s forward-thinking rainbow warrior – whose ebullient runways are among the hottest tickets of the London show schedule – is setting the stage for the season’s festive spirit with a 14-piece collection that comes in a riot of popping primary hues. Ergonomically backed in 100% jersey (and starting at £35 a go), this one is well and truly made for dancing!

Warehouse x Ashish. Available early November. Click here to shop Warehouse. 

If three’s a trend, then “more is more” is categorically the pervading mood of this month’s high street-high end intersection. Following October’s H&M x Moschino TV New York extravaganza (Category is: Collaboration Realness), Jeremy Scott’s playfully punchy riff on pop culture is arriving in stores and online this week... Get ready to queue! Between bold stories of logo mania and ‘Disney Couture’ – we’ll race you to the Goofy sweater – there are standout accessories and new silhouettes of denim, think retro jackets and fold-over minis, that beat to more of an ‘everyday-wear’ rhythm.

H&M x Moschino. Available 8 November. Click here to view the full collection.

Though we’re often plagued by reports of doubt over the future of bricks-and-mortar retail – and, indeed, the very survival of our high street as we know it – November will go down as the month that well and truly proved the naysayers wrong.

Main image, from left... Warehouse x Ashish; H&M x Moschino; Topshop x Halpern.

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