It’s a tale as old as time.

You’ve got your cool-as-a-cucumber trans-seasonal look down to a tee, and (with the final few flight checks complete) you step triumphantly out of your front door, ready to face the day and full of the joys of spring...

Except, it’s winter. And, where once your pins blushed with the warm glow of Vitamin D and sun-induced optimism, there now stands a pair of calves that are crying out for a dollop of TLC.

Isabel Marant + Gucci = joy-making style

Given that nothing ruins the effect of your favourite slip skirt like a telltale flash of ‘Circulatory Issues’ blue, your first instinct may be to reach for the heavy deniers... Don’t! Everything is better in moderation – including hosiery – so, now and again, shake up the situation and take a different route towards layering up those legs of yours.

Rejina Pyo + MSGM = a sure winter winner

Knee-high boots and calf-kissing skirts make for a more than sophisticated alliance during the cooler months – all the more so when your midi falls to that sweet spot just north of the ankle.

Dorateymur + Marni = happy feet for days...

Counterpoint traditional tartan (by way of Gucci) with Isabel Marant’s cowboy-esque creations for a nod to two of the season’s biggest trends; pull out the accents of your MSGM zebra-print number with Rejina Pyo’s patent pairing; or let your Marni wrap silhouette put red-hot pedal to metal via Dorateymur...

Whichever mood you choose to anchor your look with this winter, stick to a common thread and opt for the wardrobe’s most compelling power couple. 

Main image: Ganni boots + 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt. Get shopping! Couple up with winter's ultimate style duo here...

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