Responsible design is a notion brands across the board are adopting. Arm-candy connoisseur Sophie Hulme – who crafts pieces built on longevity – is one such designer; founding her new initiative ‘The Project’ on those exact pillars.

Since the inception of her brand in 2007, the brand’s mission has been to continue evolving and improving learning; this venture, which marks its first foray into sustainability, heralds the next phase in further pushing the key philosophies of the designer.

For its debut eight-piece collection, which includes signature models – The Albion, The Milner and The Albany – the studio has explored the concept of pre-consumer waste and, instead of sourcing raw materials, has opted for sifting through bags of scrap surplus cuts from previous collections in the Sophie Hulme leather library to create on-trend, luxe colour-blocked models.

It’s true what they say… Waste not, want not!

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