Personalisation and customisation are big businesses nowadays.

Be it a monogrammed denim jacket that’s perfect for styling, or makeup that’s designed to be shade-shifted at home to create the desired palette, the Fashion and Beauty industries are clocking on that consumers are not all carbon copies of one another – nor, that we’d like to be!

Leading the charge in accessories is the London-based brand-to-watch, SCOTRIA, helmed by former Head of development at J.W.Anderson, Jen Murray. Not only does its block-colour aesthetic tie in nicely with a standout bag trend of the season, but the addition of interchangeable and distinctive spirals ensures each and every design is a lesson in uniqueness.

We asked Jen to explain the method behind her mix-and-match mantra…

A prominent feature of your brand’s aesthetic is the freedom and ability to customise, right?
Fluid lifestyles require adaptable products. In customising your bag with spiral colours, you give yourself the option to transform your accessories, perhaps by adding accents, matching an outfit, and scaling your look up or down. We see it as a collaborative dialogue with our customer; colour being a universal language, it’s super fun to see the individual combination choices that are unique and continuously interchangeable to each wearer. 

In championing this idea, you’ve also created designs with infinite possibilities.
‘Buy less, get more’ is something we really believe in. SCOTRIA set out to create a signature capsule range of classic silhouettes that allows for personal adaptation depending on the wearer’s choice of colour. Longevity has always been essential in my own purchasing history. Communicating this appreciation of product and wear was always going to be a natural progression for SCOTRIA.

There’s also something inherently creative and artistic about customising your own accessories isn’t there? They then tap into worlds of art and architectural design, as well as fashion.
To me, all crafted objects share a connection. It’s about the process, the choice of construction and of colour and shape, material finish and touch. The essence of design is liberatingly cross-disciplinary. As an architect’s daughter, my upbringing was very much marked by angular graphics, precision lines and calculated curves. My design methodology is informed by cross-disciplinary references as well as surface, texture and material. I love research references translated into functional objects of design!

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