Still posed with the, as yet unfilled, void of Phoebe Philo in the fashion industry, style aficionados everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief and take solace in ROKH, the considered and compelling work of Korean-born designer, Rok Hwang. Advocating an aesthetic not dissimilar to that of the former Céline Creative Director – in fact, fresh out of Central Saint Martins, Hwang was among those to join Philo's inaugural team at the LVMH-owned maison – ROKH excels where others fail, because of the savvy balance it has cultivated between understated-yet-directional sophistication and out-and-out practicality.

It's a formula that's embodied entirely in the brand's thoughtfully crafted Folder bag. Eschewing frivolous detail and fanciful furbelows in favour of functional elegance, it's a clear statement of designer Rok's intention to continue what Phoebe started – namely, collections that recognise the multifaceted and ever-changing roles undertaken by the modern woman, and the knowledge that a wardrobe should work to help them, as opposed to hinder (as is all too often the case).

When is a bag not a bag? When it's a battle cry of a brand determined to deliver something that packs a punch on design, creating a look for its contemporary customer to wear safe in the knowledge that it won't end up wearing them.

Go forth and fill the Phoebe Philo void. Shop the ROKH Folder bag (now on sale!), here: