The question of what, exactly, makes a cult-status or wait-list accessory worthy of the reputation is one that has been plaguing the minds of great philosophers for generation upon generation. Unbeknownst to all but a select few – since the secret formula appears unbiased as to whether it applies to a particular size or silhouette of arm candy – the je ne sais quoi is one that proves irresistible to the fashion faithful in their droves.

Amongst the latest inductees to that elite group of those in-the-know are Giulia and Camilla Venturini (you may recognise the twin sisters from their turns on the international runways, as well as numerous glossy covers) who have tossed their caps into the ring with their on-the-rise bag brand Medea.  

Maybe it’s the elegant minimalism of this Milanese label’s matte calfskin leather construction – or perhaps it’s the Prima’s (the signature style and the Italian for ‘first’) clean, shopper-esque structure that has catapulted this collection into the starry heights of ‘It’ accessory… It’s quite possible that we’ll never know!

However, one thing’s for certain: We're darn sure of what we’ll be toting to and fro for the foreseeable future.

Beat the crowds! Shop Medea here:

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