Who could have predicted that 2018 would be the year we propel our style into the future via The Matrix? Thanks to Tbilisi-based designer-of-the-moment, George Keburia and his nanoscale shades, we may well have! 

Nodding to the zeitgeist of the noughties with a winning formula – a slender sci-fi silhouette that gives classic frame shapes an overhaul – his designs sky-rocketed into must-have territory and claim sole responsibility for our unerring hunger for itsy-bitsy shades.

As the trend continues to gain momentum, we get the skinny on skinny sunglasses – and speak to the visionary himself.

Your sunglasses have well and truly spearheaded a movement – they were ubiquitous across fashion month. What do you think makes them so popular?
They’re a winning formula of classic, edgy and modern. One style, the iconic cat-eye fused with a futuristic element, is precisely that – combining a retro and ultra ‘feminine’ aesthetic with a sleek, strong vibe. I love experimenting with new aesthetics, and I think they complement my hyper-feminine signature perfectly.

Why did you choose to focus on sunglasses as opposed to other accessories?
Sunglasses are one of the first things you notice when you meet a person. They are rather transformative in completing a look – strengthening an aesthetic and boosting confidence. I was once told that a customer felt ready to “conquer the world” as soon as she slipped on her glasses and slid them down to sit on the bridge of her nose.

Would you say that your forward-thinking and experimental approach is representative of the Georgian state of mind, in terms of fashion design?
It’s certainly true that Georgian designers strive to introduce something new and different to the fashion industry. The Georgian fashion scene is loaded with talent – there are so many designers who are a breath of fresh air to the industry with their unique, boundary-pushing visions.

What are some of your greatest achievements thus far with the brand? Is there anything we should be looking forward to?
Some of the most pivotal moments for the brand have been when iconic women have donned my glasses. Their constant support is amazing; it’s incredibly rewarding for me.

I’m excited about the next chapter! I recently unveiled a brand new sunglasses model in my FW18 collection, which are rectangular. They also have the narrow silhouette, but they’ve dropped the cat eye reference. I’m excited to see if they’ll be as popular.

Complete the sentence: ‘I do what I do, because…’ 
It gives me the greatest satisfaction!

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