Fashion favours the brave – so, why should jewellery be any different?

Dinosaur Designs, Australia’s most vibrant export, is the bold bijoux brand with a penchant for all things bright and beautiful; cast in confident hues of hand-sculpted resin, each charismatic creation is destined to become the protagonist of your look, as well as going hand-in-hand with SS18’s hothouse florals.

With a no-holds-barred visual philosophy that’s brimming with chutzpah, the bright spark designers – Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy – are intent on bringing individuality, vitality and keen sustainable practices to the respective worlds of both jewellery and lifestyle.

Here, they lend colour to their label’s artistic background...

While studying at art school, did you collaborate on projects together? Or was Dinosaur Designs your first collective ‘labour of love’?
Our classes were arranged alphabetically – so, since both our surnames started with ‘O’, we were grouped together. There were times when we would collaborate; we did once make a small film together, and we both majored in painting and drawing. In the end, we got a studio next to each other and would spend our time chatting and getting inspired by each other’s work and dreams.

So, are there differences in each of your aesthetics and within that middle-ground exists harmony, or do you always share a common taste in art and design?
We share a lot of harmony. We both have a love for art and nature, however we do interpret what we see in different ways. With Dinosaur Designs we bring our ideas together, while also working separately. To us, that is working harmoniously. 

Of all the materials that you must have experimented with, what was it about resin that resonated the most with you both and your unique designs?
Resin is a lot like paint before it sets; it has a wonderful fluidity, which we love! As a result, each design is a one of a kind – handmade and hand-felt into existence. Resin is a relatively modern material and, when we started Dinosaur Designs more than 30 years ago, no one really knew much about it. It wasn’t like we could call anyone and ask how to use the material. In working it out for ourselves, it transpired that there was so much to discover – we could see endless possibilities. 

Despite gradually introducing new elements and experimental textures to this resin signature, you’ve managed to remain committed to sustainable working methods, right?
We’re currently experimenting with new pieces of furniture as well as developing new moulding and modelling techniques. However, Mother Nature remains our endless inspiration; we use low energy tri-phosphor light globes, run our studio and stores on Green Energy options, and recycle the small amount of water used in the production process. We take responsibility for our environmental footprint.

Complete the sentence! We do what we do, because…
We love it!

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