Maintaining the rigorous pace of seasonal fashion trends is a cardio workout if ever I saw one. Blink, and chances are that you’ll miss the quick-as-a-flash transitions between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter – and that’s before you even begin to navigate Resort (or is it Cruise?), Pre-Fall, Couture Week and the continuous conveyor belt of capsule and collaboration collections.

Consequently, a core wardrobe of timeless, key pieces – each of which are immune to fashion’s changeable fancies – are worth their weight in gold. (All the more so, when they’re actually made from the stuff!)

A gold hoop earring is to Face Furniture, what the trench coat is to outerwear. It’s the not-so-basic basic that is as easily dolled up as it is pared down, meaning you needn’t jump through the, well, hoops of desk-to-dusk dressing.

Abigail wears Martinus gold-plated hoop earrings by Maria Black;  Fiji gold-plated hoop earrings by Monica Vinader.

Worn singularly or as a striking collective (as someone who favours a highly unbalanced metal-to-ear ratio, my hoops are made for stacking!), these jewellery mainstays are easy to wear and even easier to fall in love with. Versions from Maria Black and Monica Vinader are ideal companions for one another; the latter’s dinkier designs can climb the height of a hole-punched ear, meanwhile Maria Black’s subtly twisted twosome will accessorise the lobes with the Midas touch of double-take décor.

I’m not saying don’t aim towards trickier runway trends. I’m simply saying that, in the case of these hoops, when you shoot... You score!

Abigail wears Martinus gold-plated hoop earrings by Maria BlackFiji gold-plated hoop earrings by Monica Vinader; bardot-neck top by Eudon Choi. Let's 'ear it for hoop earrings! Shop the edit here:

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