Just like Because Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Caroline Issa – a passionate champion of sustainability and fashion that makes a difference – #TeamBecause can wax lyrical about ethically minded denim for days. What’s more, with the news of British heritage brand Connolly’s sustainable Summer Denim capsule collection, we have all the more reason to!

Pinching inspiration from the seminal photographs captured by the late and esteemed Malian photographer, Malick Sidibé (the ‘Eye of Bamako’), who snapped popular culture and stylish folk in the region during the 1960s, the collection is free-spirited and dynamic in essence – marrying a Savile Row sensibility with relaxed and off-duty workwear, and bringing a tactile comfort to traditional tailoring.

With a long-term commitment to ethical practice, Connolly’s denim is manufactured without a single toxic chemical or hazardous material; its cotton is all sustainably produced; and the horn buttons are sourced as a by-product of the organic farming industry – all within a transparent chain (that’s held to account by the Greenpeace Detox commitment) in Italy.

On the collection – designed by Marc Audibet – Isabel Ettedgui of Connolly enthused to us:
“The summer-weight denim combines holidaywear with a touch of elegance – especially the sash trouser, which feels like you have stepped out of a Lartigue’s Riveiera. It looks good on the girls, as well as the boys!”

Shop Summer Denim, as seen on Caroline Issa, and more from Connolly here:

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