There’s a definite knack to perfecting the art of colour blocking – that is, if you’d rather avoid straying into ‘traffic light’ territory.

A trick up (and consequently on) our sleeves, is passing the graft to our bag, maintaining a low-key look, while keeping a medley of spliced-together shades at arms-length… Literally!

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Banking on your bag means you earn back those hours of trying to make the loudest limes and out-there oranges play ball together; the time you save can be put to good use elsewhere, parading your colourful companions safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the look down pat.

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Be they mouth-watering ice-cream pastels (they’re not just for your wardrobe!), pieced together in a puzzle-like manner by Loewe, bright primaries by way of Boyy, or blown-up classical combinations at Burberry – getting in on the colour-block clash has never been a brighter idea. 

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Colour us smitten with this colour-block edit: