Coat season is officially here – so, why not look to independent brands to stand out in the rain and frost?

While the Capital’s climate isn’t quite low enough to justify full-on duvet dressing (yet), I’ve done some hunting around to bring you three niche labels whose outerwear will make you (sometimes quite literally) shine.

Caroline wears Denim Patchwork Coat by Ksenia Schnaider.

Enter Ksenia Schnaider. Upcycling denim to classic-yet-cool effect, the husband and wife duo behind the brand – which shows as part of Kiev Fashion Week – reinterpret tailored silhouettes through a modern lens. We are all aware of the urgent need to source and use our denim responsibly, so Ksenia and Anton’s innovative solution has got me completely sold.

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What England lacks in sub-zero temperatures, it more than compensates for with rainfall. Cue Kassl Editions, a new(ish) design collective spanning Germany, France and Belgium that’s a lesson in doing one thing very well.

Caroline wears Vinyl Coat by Kassl Editions.

Raincoats (and raincoats, alone) are its raison d’être – and I’m fairly certain that this snazzy, shiny khaki number will prove more than worth its weight in gold come the end of the season.

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If you’re after getting more beauty for your buck, Anouki’s two-sided trenchcoat leads the way in Kira-Kira opportunity

Caroline wears Sequinned Trench Coat by Anouki.

On the one hand, it’s a traditional-as-they-come style classic; on the other, it’s a shimmering showstopper that’s encrusted from collar to cuff on the inside with a film of silvery paillettes. Turn it inside-out and ta-da! It’s a twofer with pizzazz to spare. If that’s not a reason to be cheerful, I don’t know what is! 

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So, bring on those winter chills! I’ll be giving the frosty season a very warm reception...

The weather outside is frightful... Thank goodness – because it means you can wear these must-have numbers:

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