It was during a chance train encounter, when one ‘bender’-bound gentleman (displaying an aptitude for fashion criticism that few could boast) volunteered my get-up’s striking resemblance to Beetlejuice, that lo’ my sartorial inclination towards stripes came crashing to my attention.

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who has a fashion ‘uniform’, per se – perhaps I’m just too dang indecisive – but, when push comes to shove, it’s the linear look that I lean towards again and again.

Abigail wears red striped blouse by Stella McCartney; striped trousers by Giambattista Valli; earrings by Maria Black; Il Leone necklace by Alighieri; white boots by Alexandre Birman.

Not all stripes are equal, and therein lies their beauty; for all of the marinière Bretons, there’s an equally hefty portion of the Wall Street pinstripe; for every bright and beautiful deckchair, there’s the (lest we forget) aforementioned Beetlejuice monochrome. I love ‘em all! And this season, I found myself in excellent company. J.W.Anderson, Céline, Eudon Choi, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, the list goes on… Like ducks to water, designers on all sides of the pond took to the straight-and-narrow print – and looked flippin’ marvellous to boot.

Abigail wears monochrome shirt by Current/Elliott; striped trousers by Mother of Pearl; earrings by Maria Black; Il Leone necklace by Alighieri; white boots by Alexandre Birman.

If you only remember one thing today, let it be this: stripes aren’t about toeing the line (pun intended) regardless of any Old Etonian connotations they may conjure. Worn top to toe, or even as the smallest smattering by way of a lobe bauble or a micro bag, stripes are the versatile staple that can be worn any which way you see fit. Beetlejuice or otherwise.

Main Image... Abigail wears monochrome striped top and monochrome striped skirt by Caroline Constas; printed T-shirt by Gucci; earrings by Maria Black; white boots by Alexandre Birman.

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