“The grass is always greener…” is a platitude that's often bandied around in any discussion of the Great British weather – not least of all because, thanks to the record-high level heat of the past few weeks, London’s parks and open spaces have crisped up to a murky blanket of sepia. #nofilter

Inadequate office air-con aside, Because HQ have frankly not got a bad word to say about the recent warm spell that’s swept the Capital – but, by the same token, we also can’t deny our excitement at the prospect of BOOTS season (and not solely because it means a let-up from daily toenail maintenance).

Boots by Ellery.

Like an old friend who, despite you not having seen them for months at a time, is guaranteed to make you feel wonderful, boots are the podiatric pals that will never let you down – particularly in regards to navigating this tricky trans-seasonal time of the year. Rather than taking the plunge with the eye-watering thigh-high iterations that say ‘winter’ without trying, ease yourself back into the routine of a robust upper with our edit of ankle pairings by Ellery, Dorateymur, Marine Serre et al, and get a shoe in to the new season.

Welcome to boot camp! Shop the best trans-seasonal boots here:

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