“We can put a man on the moon – we should be able to find a way to make a pair of trainers more sustainably,” says Allbirds co-founder and New Zealand nativeTim Brown, as he welcomes Because Magazine into his hotly-anticipated Covent Garden space ahead of its official launch. 

Citing Mother Nature as its primary muse and partnering with engineer and renewables expert Joey Zwillinger, the brand has developed a revolutionary merino wool fabric specifically for footwear, which eschews synthetic alternatives meaning it uses 60% less energy. Other aspects of the shoe push the possibilities of sustainable design further: its cushioned sole is crafted from sugar cane from Southern Brazil, which relies on rainwater, not irrigation and is sourced to rigorous standards that protect the environment and its inhabitants, while its tree fibre sourced from South Africa uses 95% less water than traditional materials like cotton, cutting its carbon footprint in half.

With stripped back simplicity and classic design at the core of its models (Wool Runners, Wool Loungers, Tree Runners, Tree Loungers, Tree Skippers, all of which, we should add, come complete with a 90% recycled cardboard box!), Allbirds is making serious strides in achieving its goal of “creating better things in a better way”. Watch the video to take a virtual tour of the space, while learning more from Tim.

Visit Allbirds at Covent Garden's 121-123 Long Acre. 

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