The month of November holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons – it’s a time when the temperature makes a sudden, sharp, and somehow, always unexpected drop, and my consumption of hot chocolate in turn sky rockets. It's also completely acceptable to abandon all thoughts of wearing anything other than thick, homely jumpers for the foreseeable future, but, perhaps most magically, it’s a time when sunglasses are still a necessity among layers and layers of wool. I'd argue that there’s nothing better than feeling the winter sun on your face on a freezing November morning.

On that note, we’ve been searching high and low for the best glasses to protect us from its blinding, albeit welcome, glare and we think we've found a winner in Jimmy Choo’s Nile sunglasses. The sleek cat eye design comes in two styles – one with a navy blue leather trimming around the front of the lenses, and the other with plush textured leopard. Whichever you pick we bet you'll be eager to get outdoors to wear them, despite the chill. 

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