We’ve long held the opinion that a good bag, even in its most classic iteration, can be something of a masterpiece. So, when news reached our ears of a second instalment of Dior’s celebrated Lady Art series, we were keener than keen to wear our art on our sleeve.

Challenging ten artists to reinvent and revive its token Lady Dior bag – once a favourite of Princess Diana – the maison bestowed creative carte blanche, and thereby fostered an alchemical melting pot of high culture and high fashion. In other words... pure sartorial gold! 

Between John Giorno’s rainbow-warrior wonders and Friedrich Kunath’s romantic rendition, each unique piece brought the majesty of a gallery into a fresh, previously unseen context. 

Is it art though? You’re darn right it is!

Artists include Lee Bul, John Giorno, Hong Hao, Friedrich Kunath, Namsa Leuba, Betty Mariani, Jamilla Okubo, Jack Pierson, Spencer Sweeney, David Wiseman. Exhibit your style nous: click here to shop the original Lady Dior bags.

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