For most designers, first comes the handbag line and then the perfume, but Byredo founder Ben Gorham is not one to follow the crowd. Having won us over with Byredo’s curious approach to perfumery (each scent is inspired by people and places in Gorham’s life) we were certain he’d manage to do the same when it came to creating arm-candy.

The capsule collection, which launched on Wednesday, is inspired by southern America's love of drag racing, an idea that came after seeing outtakes from his friend Craig McDean's photo-series which documented the scene back in the 1990s. Gorham built the collection around these images and McDean gave over unseen photographs and a short film to accompany the collection.  

Though, fast cars aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you see the bags – they're sleek, vibrant and sculpturally elegant. They come come in loud shades like electric blue, apple red and silver metallics, and while their glossy surfaces mimic the bodywork of race car, you don't need to be a car fanatic to fall in love. 

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