It's official.

Our want for wicker baskets has reached fever pitch – a hankering that we attribute, almost entirely, to the recent influx of nostalgic, Jane Birkin-esque snaps (bouquet and baguette in one arm, a woven wonder in the other) that have been flooding our Instagram feeds of late. Resistance is futile...

So, now that the moment has arrived to invest in one of our own, we're adhering to the time-honoured tradition of safety in numbers. Translation: plumping for two! If, like us, you've been coveting both a sturdy box-like carrier to be your trusty companion into the new year, as well as a more whimsical creature for clutching, Blooming Dreamer has got you covered.

Ticking all of the above, its Birkin basket is luxuriously lined with the softest shearling, while the petite, rounded Willow bags are oh-so-cute that you (and they) will get completely carried away! All are hand-woven in Morocco by local artisans, and the brand’s founder, Hannah Blurton, takes a healthy helping of inspiration from the country’s rich colours, aromas and textiles.

Grab one and you'll be transported to halcyon June evenings, where romance was in the air, and anything could happen… Winter, who?