No designer makes eclecticism more fun than Jonathan Anderson. While his last collection for J.W.Anderson seemed slightly more grounded, Anderson’s designs for Loewe showed us once again how to take a variety of inspirations and references and roll them out into a cohesive array of looks. For Spring Summer 2017, there was a serene beach-side vibe about the clothes, more organic and earthy than before. But make no mistake – the levels of subversion and playfulness were as present as ever. In the tongue in chic spirit of Because, here are five fictional characters that we think would appreciate the blithe spirit of Loewe SS17.

Batman from The Dark Knight

For last season it was a maneki-neko cat, for this season it was a bat. Anderson’s surrealist accessory designs may have became a form of recognition within the fashion circles, but the only thing we could think of was how cooler the Batman costume would look with the addition of this bulky neck piece. Admittedly, Lois Lane would probably steal it on the weekends.

Sally in Nightmare Before Christmas

With their aesthetics being miles apart, one thing that Jonathan Anderson and Tim Burton have in common is a knack for translating mundane ideas into very appealing creations. If she ever happens to need a look for a gala, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas would look like the most fashionable rag doll in her Loewe maxi patchwork button-up dress.

Phoebe from Friends

A free-spirit with great sense of humour, Phoebe Buffay seems like an ideal Loewe girl. We can totally see her rocking those ankle-length puffy dresses with ragged edges as well as the patched-up prints and linens, but probably the most Phoebe-like piece on the Paris runway were the calla lily cuffs. Her taste in jewellery embodies some of the biggest 1990s trends, so we’re sure that in a 2016 remake she’d be all over these statement bracelets, most probably in red.

The Magic Carpet from Aladdin

It’s widely accepted that the magical rug character from Aladdin was one of the first computer-animated characters in a feature film, completed with emotions and an attitude that corresponds to the Loewe SS17 tapestry bag. With almost-matching Persian-like designs, they would make a great fashion week pairing in a whole new world…

Danielle de Barbarac in Ever After

A Medieval interpretation of the classic Cinderella story seems like a perfect setting for Loewe’s peasant-style drawstring dresses. For a revival of the classic Drew Barrymore flick, we can see the protagonist scrubbing the floors in a ruched khaki canvas dress cinched in with a brown leather belt, with only the billowing sleeves soaking up her tears. The only question is – which look would she wear to the prince’s ball?

Text by Dino Bonacic