Mui Mui – suede "Mary Jane" slingbacks
These brown suede Mui Mui slingbacks make you want to knock your heels together and skip down a brick road. Why skip? Because you can in these kitten heels. Also, the mirrored octagon heel demands attention. Playoff the silver trimming of the slingbacks by pairing it with a silver mini-crossbody bag. The neutral brown goat leather makes them the perfect transition shoe for the Spring. 

Mui Mui is Prada’s baby sister, born 1993. She was named “Mui Mui,” as it is Muiccia Prada’s nickname. It is girl next door, with zero sex appeal. Muiccia Prada says, "To look sexy once in a while, fine, but not...from morning to night." Feminine but not flirty, the slingbacks may not be bringing sexy back, however, they are recognizably Mui Mui. While the brand is still young, it has an old soul. There is something about the brown suede Mary Jane’s that could be dancing the 1920’s Charleston, but are modern enough to be singing Fergie’s “Mary Jane.”