"One year I cut all my hair off and dyed it red because I thought I was Kurt Cobain. That wasn't great because when it grows back you get a mullet," says Tigerlily Taylor.

It’s little wonder that the 21-year-old is drawn to the rockstar style. She admits that as a teenager she was obsessed with glam rock and David Bowie, much like many youths. But she had a bit more of a background in music than your average teen: her father Roger is the drummer of Queen, and one of her siblings, Rufus, is the new drummer for the Darkness.

Until recently she's been largely shielded from the glare of the Daily Mail, but as she began modelling, she's come into the public eye. Though she's studying English Literature at Brighton University and has aspirations of being a poet, her musical roots have defined her style. Glam rock is still a huge influence, but she admits “the older I get, the more I tone it down."

Tigerlily wasn’t always interested in fashion growing up: when she was younger she was a tomboy more interested in making dens in the countryside. But her family moved to London when she was nine and she started eyeing up her mum’s clothes, later swiping her Alaia dresses and biker boots for herself. "Everything I wear is influenced by older eras," explains Tigerlily. Now that she’s moved on from her “teenage angst phase” (we’ve all had one), she’s developed a love of vintage clothes. This has helped influence her style: “I see things around and put things together, and get ideas from different places” she says.