The hallowed halls of Cromwell Place, a stone's throw from The V&A, occupies five grand Georgian terrace houses in the heart of West London’s South Kensington. The first-of-its-kind arts space and membership model, which opened back in 2020, greets its visitors with a lavish embrace – think wooded floors, sweeping staircases and whitewashed walls dying for an injection of colourful artwork – enter Gray M.C.A!

On the building's third floor, specialists in the fields of fashion illustration, artist's textiles, and design Gray M.C.A. have opened an exceptional new exhibition of framed 20th Century modernist textiles. Titled 'Styled by Design,' the exhibition features a vast collection of rare and limited edition works by some of the great modern masters. Here you’ll find Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Elizabeth Frink and Patrick Heron (and more) all under one roof.

Celebrating textiles as a vital creative pillar in the story of Modern and Contemporary Art, the exhibition examines little-known pieces that have shaped the field. It showcases how diverse fabrics such as silk, rayon, woven wool, linen and cotton provided a new medium for Modern artists, allowing them to experiment with creating vivid textures and colours that brought both new life and a new audience to their work.

Styled by Design invites visitors to experience these iconic masterpieces reimagined, with the same subtle details as any painterly work. All featured textiles were produced in short runs or limited editions and are much sought after by collectors globally.

Against the back wall of the main room, one of the highlights of the exhibition is the vast 1949 Ascher screen print on linen ‘Two Standing Figures’ by Henry Moore, an iconic museum-quality work created at the height of his fame and global recognition. Other highlights include Ben Nicholson’s 1937 ‘Vertical’ for Edinburgh Weavers, Patrick Heron’s 'Nude' silk scarf, and John Piper’s stunning screen print commissions for both Arthur Sanderson and David Whitehead.

The exhibition marks a historically significant event that celebrates the intersection of art and textiles in the 20th century like never before. It is a must-see for art and design enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The exhibition will run from April 19th to May 6th, 2023, at Cromwell Place, London.